Serving nature

“We strive to be patient and respectful of nature, without which nothing would be possible”

Pierre and Sophie Déthune, owners of the Paul Déthune Champagne House

Sustainable viticulture

Is our priority

Pierre is committed to respecting the environment, using sustainable viticulture methods to work his vines :

• Reintroduction bees by installing hives.

• Insecticides
• Herbicides

• Application organic fertilizers.

• Tilling.

• Establishment grass cover on vine paths.

Our aim is : to protect our environment and our customers’ well-being through the quality of the final product.


A crucial element

Champagne Paul Déthune pays very close attention to respect the environment. We are very proud to have been awarded the :

In 2013

In 2016

In 2023

This increased biodiversity has allowed us to reduce our use of inputs in our plots. We are convinced that this biodiversity protects our vines just as the bottle protects our wines.

Organic conversion

An obviousness

Obtaining these certifications made us want to take our approach even further.

In 2019 we made the ambitious decision to start the organic conversion of our estate. By 2020, the entire estate has gone into organic conversion.

We will have to wait a few more years to obtain the organic certification and sell our first wines from organic viticulture.