Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Millésime 2016

“Made of a single grape from a unique year, this 100% Chardonnay is aged and vinified in 205-liter oak barrels, in the finest champagne tradition. The exercise requires a high quality of work and grapes. It offers wine lovers an opportunity to discover the aromas of Chardonnay grown in our terroir. It is said that the aromas of this white grape, rare in Ambonnay, resembles those of a Pinot Noir. This wine is prepared without filtration, instead thru natural cooling, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation process in barrels”

Blanc de blancs grand cru millésime 2016



100% Chardonnay (white varietal).

Aged and vinified in wood, in 205-liter Champagne in oak barrels using the greatest and most trusted Champagne tradition.

Extra-Brut - Dosage 5 gr/liter.

Eye : Bright, satiny and fairly fluid look, yellow gold, light yellow straw reflections.


First nose : Toasted-grilled woody notes, lemon, roasted hazelnut, intense chalk, Carensac liquorice, rose, pistachio, peanut.

Aeration : Marzipan, panettone, candied pear, raspberry, coconut milk, vineyard peach.


Mouth : Supple and fresh attack, creamy effervescence, pulpy, crunchy and coated fruity consistency, lemony acidity, chalky minerality, frankness, iodine salinity, calcareous resonance.

• Scallops slightly browned and served with a tangy citrus flavour.

• Golden sea bream fillet in brown butter, braised endives with orange.

• Grilled sea bass fillet, asparagus and peas, with arugula pesto.

• Fresh foie gras and salt flower.

• Pan-fried duck liver, caramelised seasonal fruits, brioche with foie gras nuggets.

• Ravioli stuffed with cod and crushed chestnuts with a truffle cream.

• Eggs in white meurette.

• Steamed cod fillet, mashed potatoes with parmesan, white butter sauce.

• Warm goats cheese, reblochon, camembert, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, roasted pear, walnut and honey vinaigrette.

• 24-month-old ripened Comté strips (with natural tyrosine crystals).

• Bottles (75 cl).