Tradition and Technology

"Serving sustainable quality"

Tradition & Technology

Serving sustainable quality

Pierre and Sophie combine tradition and technology at their estate. Over the years, they have purchased modern tools to improve the quality of our champagnes. Since 1990, they have evolved constantly, with regular purchases of the finest vinification tools. They have greatly improved up their fermenting facility with 5 oak tuns and 90 Champagne oak barrels that Pierre aged himself to develop new complex aromas.  

5 oak tuns,

90 Champagne oak barrels.

Vinification in wood by Pierre Déthune

Quality and complex aromas

The extremely high quality of Paul Déthune Champagnes is possible thanks to very closely monitored and high-tech vinification. One of the unique characteristics of our estate is that we age our wines in wood barrels, 205 liters Champagne barrels and 32 hectoliters of oak tuns. During its blends, the House also works with reserve wines aged in oak tuns. This unique type of vinification develops incomparable complex aromas, which are the sign of high quality and freshness.

Thanks to this precision work, our champagnes develop until they become exceptional wines.